Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Downing Street Memo Story Won't Die

Dear media fucknuts -

I'm seeing more and more stories about The Downing Street Memo, which is great. However, all of these stories just seem to be stories about how it's not getting any attention in the media. How about instead of writing these stories about how little attention it's getting, you just fucking give it a little attention, instead? Is it really that much easier to write a story about the lack of coverage than it is to actually cover it? This shouldn't be so difficult. How accurate is it? What are the implications of it? What do the parties involved have to say about it? Isn't this the kind of thing it's your job to find out? There didn't seem to be any shortage of coverage when Newsweek (slightly) misrepresented the facts. It should be a pretty fucking big story when the President misrepresents the facts and we go to war because of it.

I have been of the opinion that you in the media are pretty fucking lazy these days, but the lack of interest in this story makes me rethink that, perhaps you're just in the pocket of the administration. That's pretty fucking sad.

Oh yeah, The President is having dinner with a porn star. You may want to mention that, too. Not that I care, but if it was Clinton, it would be on the front page. By the way, congratulations on fucking that "liberal" media bias myth all up.

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