Friday, November 11, 2005

Alito denies conflict in '02 Vanguard case

Hmmm, so Alito, who is set to become a Supreme Court Justice, pretty clearly lied to Congress, albeit about something pretty minor, and no one really seems to care very much, except for people who are looking for reasons to oppose him. But Rafael Palmeiro most likely lied to Congress, and they have to start a ridiculous perjury investigation that common sense would tell anyone couldn't go anywhere, even if it was Congress' business in the first place, which it isn't. Hey, dickheads, maybe he wouldn't have lied to you if you hadn't been holding hearings on it in the first place (not that that makes it ok, just that we could have avoided the whole useless circus). What exactly did those hearings accomplish, again? Get your fucking priorities straight (and I love baseball). Assholes.

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Toast said...

Yesterday on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike, I heard someone mention that Congress is considering enacting a steroids policy that would cover all of our major professional sports. Excuse me, but what the fuck? Steroids are a legal substance. Congress has no more business dictating this sort of policy to MLB, the NFL, or the NBA than they do coming into my office and changing our dress code. Stupid, grandstanding wankers.