Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sen. Specter Defends Terrell Owens

So, now that Congress has solved baseball's steroid problem, and since there isn't anything else going on in the world that demands their attention, maybe they can resolve this whole TO mess.

I don't think I've mentioned my opinion of the TO situation here before, but here it is. Owens is a dick, he has no one to blame but himself for the position that he's in. Having said that, both the league and the Eagles probably could have handled the situation better and maybe the whole mess could have been avoided. Maybe not. But it is sad to me that a guy like TO who plays hard and is one of the best players in the league can't play because he's a dck, but a guy like Leonard Little, who killed someone can play. But then I guess killing someone isn't as disruptive to the team as criticizing the quarterback or fighting with the team ambassador (and what the fuck is a team ambassador, anyway? Doesn't that just mean washed up player who can't quite give it up?). Anyway, regardless of where anyone puts the blame in the whole mess, one thing we really should be able to agree on is that Congress should stay the fuck out of it. But then, I guess investigating the NFL for fucking things up is easier than investigating the President for fucking things up, and our government is all about doing whatever is easiest.

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PSoTD said...

Well put. I was dumbfounded when I saw that Specter was stepping in the steaming pile of dog crap which is T.O. 2005.

Robert Bayn said...


SB Gypsy said...

You got that one right, I wish they'd get down to the business that we elected them to take care of, and stop wasting time on those jocks!

Me4Prez said...

His problem is that he sabotaged San Francisco and then slapped Baltimore saying he would only play in Philadelphia. He behaved for a year and played well, but lost his mind during the offseason.

It is one thing to be a dick, but I think TO can't stand when others get any credit. That is why he went after Garcia and then McNabb. He needs the spotlight. I would let him come to the games and suit up, just to watch it from the bench. And then not give him a spot by a heater

Storm said...

Here I am a conservative and I have read a total of 4 posts of yours and I agree with 2 of them. I do not disagree on the other 2 so much as I just do not care to comment. My garbage men are always well mannered and I do not have HBO.

Not so much the part about Bush but just the whole idea that just maybe the people we elected could maybe find more constructive projects to work on than the NFL and baseball.