Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wednesday TV - Invasion Sucks

So, with all the hype around Invasion before it started, I was hoping it would be another pretty good show to watch, but after missing the last episode, and apparently missing absolutely nothing of value to the plot, then watching that peice of crap episode last night, I'm about ready to give up on it. I was disappointed right off the bat with all the characters being part of this big extended family, and all being pretty lame as well, but now after watching the show for several weeks, I realize the characters aren't the only thing lacking on this show. The writers do realize there are aliens on this show, don't they? Maybe they could focus less on the dynamics of these annoying people and their fucked up family situation, and more on what the fuck is going on with the aliens. Why do we have plots about how teens handle divorce, and infected monkeys, or car accidents (more than once) when there are these aliens swimming around? Also, the main character who is supposed to look like a nice, reasonable, smart guy keeps dismissing all his brother-in-law's creepy theories, which in any normal case, would be the right thing to do, but after seeing what he's seen so far on this show, he should be a bit more open minded about what's going on. The fact that he isn't just makes him look stupid. Then last night, in that lousy episode, the woman gets in an accident, is stuck by her seatbelt, so can't reach the radio to call for help, then when she does get out, apparently, she completley forgets the radio and wanders off instead, unbelievable and just all around stupid. Then, they have stupid little annoying things like the kid going out to put gas in the generator (gas from where exactly? It's been two weeks, if they have no power, how are they getting gas for all this running around and generator breakfast making they do?), but he pours the gas from one gas can into another before pouring it into the generator (why?), not to mention that he only pours for about a second, which wouldn't have given him much gas. This wouldn't have bothered me much normally, but I'm already so annoyed with this show that I notice these things. I don't know if I'll watch this show anymore. The only reason I still am at this point is because I hate to give up on a show too early.

LOST, of course was much better, not a lot really happened on this episode until right at the end. With all the pre-show hype around killing someone off, I give them credit for not just getting rid of one of the new people, which is what shows normally do in these cases. And the way they did it opened up a lot of doors for plot development and conflict going forward. Next week looks pretty good as we get to see what happened to the tail section from the beginning.

Speaking of pre-show hype, Martha Stewart's Apprentice made it look like that idiot Jim was going to do something outrageous this week, but it turned out to be a big smoke screen, which is annoying because it was about his most normal week so far. If you're going to use those kinds of teaser promos, you really need to deliver or it just pisses people off. This one is nowhere near as good as the original. Speaking of that one, Randal is apparently married to the cousin of a friend of mine here at work, so I'm rooting for him to win. He's doing pretty well anyway.

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Miranda said...

I always miss the last half hour of lost, its way to late for me. Lol I'm already up late on tuesday nights watching House.

Yeah yeah...Im getting old.

John Howard said...

What time does it come on? Here, it's on at 9, and that's not very late.

Matt said...

Who's cousin is he married to?

sumo said...

My husband watched Invasion and lost interest in it this week too. Now Rome...I look forward to that every week. Hate to see it end.

Christiana said...

Pretty much agreed on all counts. It's too late at night right now for me to say more than that.

Anonymous said...

You took the works right out of my mouth.,, INVASION SUCKS. Fire the wirters and try to salvage what is left. Im just going to give up on the show until they announce a new writing team. Common, I WANNA LIKE IT , but they make me hate each and every episode!!