Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Senate Democrats force closed-door session

Livid Republicans decried the Democrats' move as nothing more than "a stunt."

Who gives a fuck if it is a stunt? The point is, you idiots aren't doing your jobs. Support the war or not, but there's no question that we were misled, at best, going into it, and that it is not going well, and that we don't have any plan. So what the fuck is wrong with talking about these things? It's sad when they talk more about this on Boston Legal than they do in Congress. If it takes a stunt to get you morons talking about the war, then I'm all for it. Assholes.

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Shakespeare's Sister said...

LOL! Sing it.

Me4Prez said...

Isn't all of politics a "stunt?" I don't remember many politicians not trying to take advantage of something or doing something for publicity

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AvE said...

Perhaps you were misled. My conservative friends and I knew that Bush was trying to create a democracy in the middle east, building on a modern interpretation of the domino theory. Bush did a TERRIBLE job by selling it as a case for WMD. Even I will agree that this was never the point. However, I'd ask liberals to put a plan together for dealing with terrorism other than having allies. Clinton had allies and it gave Yasser the Nobel Peace Prize. Exactly.

John Howard said...

Well, maybe Bush was trying to build democracy in the Middle East, as you say, but he didn't really mention that until everything else fell through, but all we heard about was imminent threats and mushroom clouds.

As for a better plan for dealing with terrorism, it's pretty simple, we actually go after the terrorists, instead of other people, and instead of creating a situation where more terrorists are created and targets conveniently provided for them to kill.