Monday, March 27, 2006

'6/6/06' sky banner sparks concerned calls

People just get stupider and stupider. Can anything unusual happen anymore without someone freaking out and thinking it's terrorist related? It's not like we've seen some rash of terrorism that would logically make people think that way.

Noting that June 6 is a Tuesday, she drew the connection to Sept. 11, 2001, also a Tuesday

Wow, that's quite a connection. With parallels like that, it almost has to be terrorism related. There are six other days that it could have been, the fact that it falls on a Tuesday, like September 11, 2001 did is clearly far too unlikely to be coincidence. What are the odds?* And anyway, it's not like there's anything else at all significant about that date.

On a related note, I feel sorry for the all the little fetuses that are headed toward being born on that date. As annoying as it is when people make fun of you by calling you Howard the Duck, it's probably worse to be called the Antichrist.

* After some calcultions, I've determined that the odds are about 1 in 7. Wow! 1 in 7. Someone raise the terror alert level to 'Blind Panic" please.

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Chris Howard said...

I know if I were a terrorist, I would hire a plane to advertise my intentions to the world.

John Howard said...

Of course. It's a foolproof plan.