Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Technology keeps teens awake, study shows

Why do people always want to blame common, ordinary problems on technology? Like all the people who seem to think that rude people suddenly appeared on the planet along with cell phones. When I was a kid, I used to read comic books under the covers with a flashlight, then when I got older, I would stay up and watch TV. If there had been an internet, or cell phones, I probably would have stayed up late using those. But it wouldn't have been because of those that I stayed up. Kids like to stay up late, technology or not.

Someone should do a study on why people continue to study nonsense like this while ignoring so many real issues in the world.

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Miranda said...

You know its funny that you posted this. My daughter,lately has been holing herself up in her room, mostly cuz she's mad at me. This is new for me. I have to remember when I was a kid I holed myself up in my room listening to music. It's true, if I'd had a cell, or internet, I'd of been on those all the time too.

Robert Bayn said...

I do think TV and Internet do keep people awake, but i don't need a study to tell me, after 9pm a teen should be off the tv or the internet.

somewaterytart said...

Yeah, late compared to what? To the fifties, 1900, 1500? Sleep averages fluctuate.

What should come out of this study is a campaign to push back high school start times. Those kids shouldn't be in classrooms at 7 AM. Their brains don't work that easily. Then they get out at 2 and get into trouble because they're bored. It's stupid.

John Howard said...

I agree, tart. High shcools start way too early, it doesn't make any sense.