Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bush denies Iraq is in civil war

I posted about this quite a while back, but with all the talk about it recently, I thought it was a good time to restate my thoughts on Iraq Civil War. It seems to me, even though we've lost way too many Americans in this stupid war, the vast majority of the people killed have been Iraqis, killed by other Iraqis, or insurgents or terrorists, or whatever it is we call them this week. If that doesn't qualify as a civil war (and it has for some time), I don't know what does.

But much like the pointless debate about Tiger Woods' Grand Slam and whether it was technically a Grand Slam or not, the debate should not be about what to label it. Who gives a fuck? It's still the most impressive achievment in golf. And whether we call what's going on in Iraq a civil war or not doesn't change the fact that it's all fucked up over there, and whether we leave or stay, or whether we're right or wrong to be there in the first place, someone needs to come up with a better fucking plan than repeating how great things are going despite the fact that it's clearly bullshit.

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Dee said...

My local newspaper called it "Sectarian Unrest"...man I'm so sick of everyone pretending there is no giant elephant taking a dump in the living room!