Monday, March 27, 2006

Vision America: A 'war' on Christians? No.

If I was one of the Christians who was truly persecuted back in the day, I'd be pretty ashamed to be associated with this bunch of whiny little pussies. I don't know how our government or society could be any friendlier to religon in general without actually exstablishing a theocracy. And I know a lot of these nutjobs probably actually want that, but if we had it they'd still be whining because it could only possibly fit in with the beliefs of a small percentage of them. And because whining is what they do.

There are stricter limits on explicitly Christian expression in schools and other public settings. There is growing public acceptance of homosexuality and out-of-wedlock births, while television and movies seem awash with sex, nudity and profanity.

The only one of these things that's even slightly negative is the acceptance of out of wedlock births. But if these idiots really have a problem with those, they could actually start supporting the things that prevent them. Like birth control, freedom of choice, and sex education. As for the other things, I don't see any problems. There are stricter limits on Christian expression in public settings because everyone in these settings isn't a Christian, that seems pretty simple to me. As for acceptance of hommosexuality, that's called progress, and it's painfully slow anyway. Sex, nudity and profanity aren't bad things at all on TV or in a movie, they make it much more realistic. And if you're worried about your kids, then supervise them. If the worst thing they ever see is a fraction of a second of a partially uncovered breast on TV, consider yourself lucky.
Hollywood is producing more Christian-friendly movies while Christian news media, Christian music, Christian novels and other forms of Christian pop culture continue making their strong mark on society.

Very true. All anyone has to do is look at a book like Left Behind being on the bestseller list, despite being an incredibly poorly written, boring piece of crap to see that people are accepting of Christiam friendly entertainment even despite its lack of quality. Seriously, has anyone else read this garbage? It was easily the worst book I've ever read.

If these nutjobs are really so intent on feeling persecuted, ship them all off to Afghanistan. Maybe then they'd realize how good they have it here.

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Robert Bayn said...

I think this idea that Christianity is under attack comes from people standing up to the religious right's loonies like Dobson, Falwell and Robertson. The truth is most Americans are tollerent of faith, and most Americans have faith, when your bibles get stripped away, let me know, but until than grow a set and accept not everyone belivies in their faith, America is diversed with Athiest's, Muslims, Jews, and Christians. If you ask me, it's science that the real war is being waged on.

Chris Howard said...

If you ask me, it's science that the real war is being waged on.

You've got that right.

And I believe John's right, these people won't be satisfied until they live in a theocracy.

John Howard said...

Or then, either.

puzzled said...

It is my belief that religion is the curse of mankind, the organized kind, that is. Note that all these jerks are so right wing. Insanity is in the saddle and rides mankind. (If you'll forgive the misquote.)