Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Congratulations to College Football National Champions, USC, Auburn and Utah

Hopefully all three of these teams will claim a Championship this season, get rings, hang banners, the whole thing. The more people do to make sure that the "official" National Championship doesn't mean anymore than any other team's claim to the Championship, the quicker we can get rid of it and get a real system.

I'm sure anyone can argue that one of these teams is better or more deserving or whatever, but let's not do that. Let's just recognize them all, so the official one doesn't have any significance. The only way to really decide the issue to everyone's satisfaction is to do it on the field. So until the NCAA pulls its head out of its ass and does that, let's just recognize anyone who has any realistic claim to it.

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Ace Cowboy said...

I like your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter...

The sad part is, NOTHING will be the impetus behind changing the system outside of the very douchebags who are deadset against a playoff system changing their own minds. So it ain't gonna happen. Such a shame, it's ruining a great sport.

I hate the NCAA, just hate it. In August after the failed to reinstated Mike Williams, I blew my top.

John Howard said...

I agree, it's all a bunch of greedy bastards. The problem is, we all still watch, so why should they change it?

Also, I heard so many people today saying USC was so much better that Auburn had no argument. I just don't understand that. Because USC blew out OU, somehow that means they are better than Auburn. People need to stop suggesting why one is better and just demand that we find out on the field.

Ace Cowboy said...

I couldn't agree more re: Auburn/USC. I've been telling everyone with a pulse the same thing...who's to say Auburn doesn't match up better than OU and blows out USC? Or who's to say that OU doesn't blow out Auburn? We need a playoff...but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I like your thought process, JRH, I'm linkin' ya to my site!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, glad you like reading all this nonesense I bitch about.