Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Who's Your Daddy?

I'm not one to complain about Reality TV. If people really hated it as much as they claim to, it wouldn't be on TV, and I watch as much of it as anyone. I also am not under any illusion that producers of these shows work with any kind of ethics in mind. But when I watched Big Brother this season and they had a half brother and sister on together without their knowledge, I thought it was a little shady. That just seemed to me like something that they shouldn't have done, but it didn't bother me a lot, just made me cringe a little.

Then, I saw the preview for this new FOX show, Who's Your Daddy? and it just makes me sick. I don't really know exactly what the rules or the scenario are, and I don't intend to find out, because there is no way I will watch this crap, but it just seems like a terrible thing to do people. I really hope people don't watch this, so maybe FOX will think twice about it next time, not because it's in poor taste (that's definitely not going to stop them), but because it will get poor ratings. I've never been one to complain about what is on TV, I can always change the channel, but this show really disturbs me for some reason.

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Fixer said...

How come it's always FOX who is coming up with the most tasteless, tactless, shit? Aren't they the network of the 'moral values' crowd? It's just like porn. It wouldn't be as big a business if most people didn't buy it or look at it or surf the net with their pants around their ankles. If it was just the blue staters, the porn business would be out of business. Just like the divorce and teen pregnancy rates. The hypocrites could take a lesson from the Massachusetts liberals.

John Howard said...

Yeah, FOX does seem to be the leader in this kind of crap. Normally it doesn't bother me, but this show just seemed a little over the line.

Speaking of porn, I've long been of the opinion that the porn business is no longer necessary. Isn't there really enough porn already? Is anyone really doing anything new? I think I could probably literaly watch porn for the rest of my life and never see the same thing twice, there is so much of it. It's not like regular movies, where there are new stories to tell.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

But they never run out of good stories in porn, either. The pizza delivery boy gets met by naked, horny housewife at front door, the UPS guy gets met by naked, horny housewife at front door, the meter reader gets met by naked, horny housewife at front door, the mailman gets met by naked, horny housewife at front door...it could go on forever, I tell ya.

As for Who's Your Daddy?, I actually watched the thing, because I'm constantly annoyed at my dad for having opinions about things he doesn't watch (because it's easier just to substitute Bill O'Reilly's opinion for his own), so I figured I'd better hold myself to the same standard. Well, the concept is as bad as you'd imagine, and the title is uniquely creepy. I alternated between wanting to cry and puke while I watched it.

The only redeeming moment came when the idiotic host was babbling on about the $100,000, and the girl who was trying to find "her daddy" sort of scoffed at her, like "that's so not important anymore," and it actually seemed genuine. However, that was definitely obscurred by the seven men who competed to try to convince her that they were her dad - all of them weeping and carrying on with their trembling lower lips.

Robert Smith will need to go back and revisit Boys Don't Cry, I guess. They do if there's $100k at stake.

Fixer said...

Is anyone really doing anything new?You should see me stand on my head and shoot sparks out my ass.