Monday, January 03, 2005

Back to the Sucking

The Cowboys managed to end their season on a crappy note, which is fitting for this season. And to lose after taking the lead with less than two minutes left makes it even more impressive. I still can't see any reason why Testaverde has been playing in the second half of the season. If they're going to lose anyway, better to lose with a guy who may help you win in the future. At this point, it makes me wonder just how bad Henson must be for Testaverde to be a better option the way he has played this season. Maybe they can do something to address this need in free agency. It would be nice if they could at least make an attempt to sign Drew Brees. I'd just really like to see any evidence that they realize that Troy Aikman is gone and that they have to address it once and for all. Now, it looks like they have a solid running back, they have some good receivers, and the defense just needs some depth and experience in the secondary, and they could be a much improved team next season. But only if they actually find a real QB somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

go jags!

John Howard said...

They suck too, just not as badly.