Monday, January 17, 2005

Yeah, this is a good idea

Ok, so apparently we're already warming up for the next round of the War on Terror. While we should be concerned about Iran, can't we finish one clusterfuck before we start the next one? I really don't have any confidence in this administration to plan or execute a war of any kind against anyone, and I really wish we'd get out of the preemptive war business altogether. How many of these things do we have to go through before the next Axis of Evil represenative decides it's in their best interest to preemptively attack us?

This is another thing that bothers me about the ridiculous, useless, failure of a war in Iraq. It's that Iran may be an actual threat, and we may not have the authority necessary to deal with it diplomatically, after Iraq. And if we do decide to deal with it the same way as Iraq, are we going to have the resources to do that? How could we? And finally, if we hadn't declared them as part of The Axis of Evil, and then showed them what we do to the members of The Axis of Evil, it's entirely possible that they may not be the threat that they are.

My only question is, is Iran Eastasia, or Eurasia? I can never tell those two apart?

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'p' is for profound said...

my family is from iran and you would think i would know which it was. but no. i guess it depends who you talk to.

misplacedpom said...

I agree completely. I think George Orwell and George W. are in cahoots. The world started making a lot more sense to me after reading 1984, and the last election left me feeling like we have surrendard ourselves to our Orwellian fate.

John Howard said...

Yeah, 1984 really makes sense of our current administration. It's amazing how they stick so close to the book. You'd think more people would be worried about it, but I guess people don't read much.

Russ said...

You said it. Nobody is reading any longer.

We have something like 1/5 to 1/4 of our entire military contingent in Iraq right now. Iran has a much larger and stronger military than Iraq had. Plus their capability for nuclear weapons is now a consideration. (If they aren't in production, I wonder what other weapons systems they already have purchased on the black market through such sources as AQ Kahn).

Does anyone actually think we will have a strong enough volunteer military to keep waging all these pre-emptive wars? Our young men and women are smart enough to see the headlines of those dying every day in Iraq. They are not going to want to join up. The military is already having problems recruiting.

Then we will have a cluster *&$# because Bush will have to reinstitute the draft. Damnit I hate that man...