Thursday, January 06, 2005

There must be an alternate definition of "exclusive" that I am not aware of

I was watching Hannity and Colmes tonight (I don't know why either) and they had an "exclusive" interview with Amber Frey. I thought that I must have misheard what they said since I just saw an entire edition of Dateline with her the other day. But everytime they went back to the interview, there was the word exlclusive plastered all over the screen, hell on the website, the word is even in italics. Just further evidence that the people of Fox News would rather just make up what they want the truth to be then tell you what it is than actually tell you the actual truth which may not be as favorable to their agenda.

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Ace Cowboy said...

Ever see Outfoxed? Great documentary about the idiocy and ridiculousness of this "awesome" it this weekend if you haven't, great stuff.

John Howard said...

No, I haven't seen it. I'll look for it, I've heard that it is good before.

Btw, that was me that left the comments on your insane post about Darren Woodson, I'm not sure why they came up as anonymous. You're crazy if you think it's ridiculous to consider him a Hall of Famer. I could see where you might not agree that he should be in, but to say it's ridiculous is...well, ridiculous.

Ace Cowboy said...

Oh, didn't even see you posted a comment...after a few days, I don't check the comments on the old posts. I'll go look now. But I stick by my story.

honestyrain said...

oh my gawd. i know! why do they do that? it's so stupid and no one falls for it.

media, however, is not about truth. it's about sales. if some truth gets mixed in by mistake, so be it. but mostly, the truth gets in the way of the real busniess at hand.

you want truth, read blogs.