Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Intelligent" Design "Theory"

I really hate to even post on this, because it's such ridiculous nonsense, but I keep seeing so much about it lately that I thought I'd add my thoughts. Obviously, the word "intelligent" doesn't belong in this crap any more than the word "theory" does. I'm no scientist, but I do know that when talking about scientific theories, we're not just including anything that is not incontrovertible fact. I can't just imagine that the universe was created by Magic Monkeys, call it the Magic Monkey Theory, and therefore assume that it is on the same plane with Evolution, just because it makes sense to me, and falls in line with what I believe.

Now, Evolution may have a lot of gaps, which these ID nutbags are quick to point out, but this ID "theory" has a BIG GAPING FUCKING hole in it. If you're arguing that the universe is too complicated or too efficient or whatever to have evolved from nothing, which leads you to conclude that it therefore must have been designed, then you've got a big problem, assuming that you are correct and it must have been designed by some higher power, then where the hell do you think that higher power came from? Wouldn't a superior intelligence with the capability to create the universe in all its complexity also be too complex to just exist on its own, and therefore wouldn't the very same ID "theory" also apply to that higher power, and therefore there must be an even higher power, thus setting up a big circular argument that will never fucking end?

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ukhitchhiker said...

You should market the Magic Monkey idea as a new religion. Hell, it's as plausible as any of the others and you'd probably make a fortune :)

John Howard said...

I just assumed everyone already knew about the Magic Monkeys.

ukhitchhiker said...

Either they haven't swung accross the pond yet or I'm all three of 'em... both explanations are equally believable