Thursday, January 20, 2005

Just because you worship George W. Bush doesn't mean I worship Bill Clinton

As frustrating as it is to try to talk to wingnuts at all, I find that it is made infinitely more frustrating by their obsession with Bill Clinton and their assumption that I must love him as much as they love Bush. Anytime I make a point about something W does or says, instead of trying to refute it or tell me why they disagree with my assessment, they just try to counter with something as bad or worse in their minds that Bill Clinton did or said. This pisses me off for a lot of reasons. First, tell me why I'm wrong, don't tell me that someone else did something as bad or worse, so that makes anything Bush does ok, that's some pretty fucked up logic, even if I assume that every bad thing you have to say about Clinton is 100% accurate. Second, I don't think Bill Clinton is the standard by which we should judge all future Presidents. Just because you can't seem to pry your mouth off of George Bush's cock doesn't mean I feel the same way about Bill Clinton, and even if I did, you don't know that, and it's irrelevant when talking aobut George Bush. Finally, Bill Clinton is not the President anymore. Even if every bad thing you have to say about him is true, and even if he is a million times worse than George Bush, it doesn't matter, his time is past. Even if electing him President was the biggest mistake in American History, it doesn't matter anymore because he's gone now. George Bush is the President now, his policies and decisions affect people today.

If I say George Bush is a liar, and you disagree, fine (you're wrong, but fine). Tell me why you believe that, don't say, "...well, Clinton lied under oath." So what? Does that mean George Bush is not a liar? I'm pretty sure it doesn't. If Clinton did it, does that make it ok for Bush to do it too? I certainly don't see why it should. Clinton has paid the price for his lie, whether you think that price was too low or not is irrelevant, it's over, forget about it. Bush's lies are affecting people everyday, it's not the same.

So if we are arguing about who it the better President, then it's perfectly valid to talk about Bill Clinton, but if we are talking about George Bush and the direction this country is going in the present, then shut the fuck up about Bill Clinton, already.

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