Thursday, January 06, 2005


Ok, not really. People have been saying things like this for quite some time. Of course our administration tells us that things are going fine, and that there definitely won't be a draft. What's amazing is that people can still buy that line of bullshit.

And what really pisses me off is that 50 million people voted for Bush, which I assume means that they support the clusterfuck in Iraq. Well, in that case, I shouldn't think we should have any problem with troop strength. I mean a good number of those 50 million have got to be of fighting age, or have children who are. Why haven't they signed up? They obviously support what is going on. Or is it that they support it as long as someone else is doing it? If you're not willing to go do something yourself, then you should really examine why you expect other people to go do it for you. I also haven't heard any of these right wing nutjobs on the radio or TV urging their gung ho listeners or viewers to sign up to fight, which I think they should do if they really believe in the war. They've all made Pat Tillman into a saint, these people should follow his example, or if not, then think about why they aren't when it is time to vote.

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Russ said...

Let's draft their right wing asses and see how much support they give Bushy boy then. Let's also make sure the rich kids are put right out front this time with no special "educational waivers" that the inner city kids aren't afforded.