Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I can't imagine what the people affected by this mess are going through. You are able to survive a terrible natural disaster, but then you have to worry about your loved ones, and whether they are misisng or dead, whether or not you are homeless, then you have to worry aobut disease and starvation. All the everyday things you take for granted are now important things that you have to keep in mind all the time in order to survive. And while all this is going on, you have to clean up the ruins of your homes and the bodies of your family, friends, and neighboors. Seeing a tragedy like this makes me feel even more horrible about all the death and destruction that is intentionally inflicted on people. I don't know how people deal with something like this, I guess it's just because they have no choice.

I'm already tired of the criticism of the US for their paltry aid package. No one has said this is all we are going to give. If it ends up being all we give then criticize then, but for now, I'm sick of the pettiness. I don't see anything wrong with giving more money over time as needs become more clear. If that doesn't happen, then I think the criticism is valid, but so far I don't see any problems. I think it just looks bad compared to the cost of Bush's inauguration party or the War in Iraq, which are both ridiculous, but those are separate issues.

I'm also tired of the criticism of Bush for not taking time out of his vacation and making some sort of public address. I hate Bush as much as anyone, but who cares what he has to say about this tragedy? Nothing he says is going to make anything any better for those people. It would be nice if he had something to say, but I just can't get upset about it that he doesn't. If anyone's looking to him to set any kind of example in any situation, they're looking in the wrong place anyway. Just let the guy have his vacation, I say the less the World sees him, the better the US looks anyway.

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'p' is for profound said...

my best friend has family in sri lanka. thankfully since they live on the west coast they survived to tell the story. she is currently collecting donations to send to a volunteer group over there. if you are interested in helping you should contact the red cross or doctors without borders--they are also collecting donations.

Francesca said...

The problem with Bush not making a formal address as the story first broke is that when he did finally make an announcement, it was only after the UN had INDIRECTLY criticized the US for being "stingy." Bush didn't express sorrow over the tragedy as a means to an end; it was a preface to him getting defensive over the criticism about money.

John Howard said...

I understand why Bush Should have made an address immeadiately, I just don't understand getting upset over the fact that he didn't, or by what he said when he did. Other than how he figures in what aid we send, nothing he does is going to have much influence on what is happening over there anyway. I don't understand why anyone needs him to say anything, or even if they do, why they would expect him to do the right thing in the first place.

honestyrain said...

doesn't it feel as though the devistation is so great that it just cannot be true? i mean, i know it happened and that it's going on right now, people are suffering and i am so sad, but it still seems so hard to comprehend.

never had bbq doritos either. have had ketchup doritos. they are gross at 1st but grow on you.

John Howard said...

I've never seen ketchup doritos, but they had ketchup Pringles here for a while and I really liked those.

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