Thursday, February 09, 2006

Amidst flurry of Bush attacks, Feingold hits Congress wiretaps: 'Congress has lost its way'

Russ Feingold very clearly and eloquently disputes everything the administration has said about its bullshit wiretapping program. Sadly, no one will know about it since they just arrested some guy that killed his wife. Anyway, it's kind of long, so let me summarize it for you:

George Bush is full of shit.

That's about he jist of it. Not that that's really news to anyone, but it's nice to see someone in Congress who isn't afeaid to say it, and clearly tell us why. Feingold makes me ashamed of my Senators.

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Shakespeare's Sister said...

Coincidentally, I've got a post up about Feingold today here, which links to his first podcast. You should check it out. It's not that long, and it's kind of interesting hearing about what he's trying to do to reform the Dem Party from the inside.

Roger Owen Green said...

Feingold's my pick for Prez, as I noted in my blog back in Dec.

Of course, he won't win, but so what else is new?