Friday, February 24, 2006

Judge with 3 wives kicked off bench

I don't get this. I understand that in many cases, the way polygamy is practiced by these fundamentalist Mormons is misogynistic, and the ones you hear about always seem to be nutjobs. But I don't understand how the state gets away with criminalizing polygamy when only one of the marriages was done legally. Whose business is it what non-legal living arrangements people have? If a man and three women (or three men and a woman, for that matter) want to form a relationship, the state should stay out of it. I fully support the rights of people to form polyamorous relationships. The state has no business meddling in people's relationships, especially those people who haven't asked the state for anything.

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John Howard said...

I agree. But more importantly, what kind of fucked up bogus judge has to also work as a truck driver? Oh, and requires no legal training? Maybe they wouldn't have to worry about ending up with polygamists in the position if they had some standards in the first place. Utah is just all fucked up. I think they're just unnecessarily harsh on polygamy there because they're afraid it exposes them all as lunatics.

beakerkin said...

Hmmm Interesting you should pick on Mormons for a practice that is 90% Muslim and African. I see the petitions every day and people enter the USA.

John lets see the vast majority of Mormons are peace loving. Mormons do not engage in terrorism . Your statement is fairly typical of PC bigotry. Mormons are an appropriate
target because they are white and
vote Republican.

Lets extend your illogic to the next level. Selling your daughters into marriage is a widely practiced custom. Compulsory marriage is the norm in many parts of the world. Foot binding and female infanticide are also widely practiced.

Cultures have a right to define the norms within a society. Marriage is also a religious term
and I do not want people in black robes deciding my relgious terms.
Civil unions is another matter.

puzzled said...

I've read a bit of Mormon history and it's not pretty. Ditto for Catholic history, Protestant history, Muslim, Hindu, you name it, history. Interesting that religious people are mostly right wing.

beakerkin said...


What is your excuse for PC bigotry ? It is okay as long as white Christians are the target.

John Howard said...

beakerkin, what the fuck are you smoking? I didn't say anything about Mormons at all, and I'm all for them practicing their religion however they wish to. If the guy wants to have three wives, that's fine with me, especially considering he only officialy married one of them.

Your comparison to those other religious practices makes absolutely no sense, since all of your examples have an innocent and probably non consenting victim.

Anyway, I can't even tell from your comments whose side you're on. You say you don't want a judge deciding how you practice your religion. I don't either, so we agree, now what the hell are you all worked up about, exactly?

beakerkin said...


Lets see it takes a genius to read into " Utah if %&%&& up ". Lets see Utah is home to the Mormon Church.

Every society has right to set up norms of reasonable behavior. Polygamy is practiced in this country by plenty of people but everytime the story is presented they put White Christians Mormons as the face of this issue. Let me give you a subtle hint it isn't Mormons whose cases cross my desk daily.

If one wants to practice Polygamy one is barred from being a citizen of the USA.

John Howard said...

That was a joke, or did your genius brain not get that part? And anyway, the reason I said Utah is because that is where the story referenced took place. How hard is that to follow?

Again, I still have no idea what you are arguing about or why.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

Did you notice in the article that the guy's three wives are sisters? Forget for a moment any legal or philosophical arguments about polygamy - that's just distasteful!

John Howard said...

Well, yeah, it is distasteful.

Storm said...

I find it interesting how you compartmentalize you potions on this. You say the State should authorize gay licenses to engage in State recognized unions but you seem to be saying polygamists are twisted and sick. You even o so far as to extend your views of cultural norms on to others by referencing the 3 are sisters. Actually there are many cultures with similiar behaviors.

Again JRH you miss the point completely, the State is us and we decide which unions we are going to authorize with licenses and which ones we will not. It is called Democracy. If the citizens of Utah want to issue licenses to polygamist or not and let them serve on the bench or not it makes no difference to me because I can leave the state or lobby to have the laws changed.

Storm said...

to puzzled
I doubt usually insult people I leave that to liberals but I can not find out a nice way to say
you are a person of limited intelligence. Clearly you are the big bigot on this site.

No s___ people have used relegion as an excuse for their desire to make war. This does not mean the guy taking his family to church on Sunday is ready to get into his car and mow people down at a college campus (ok maybe if he is Muslim in NC at UNC).

Secondly, even a cursory analysis of almost every war reveals there has been some underlying struggle over economic resources or the control of economic resources (JRH I am not debating Iraq so do not even start I gave that up for lent).