Thursday, February 02, 2006

Firestorm Over Cartoon Gains Momentum - New York Times

A fucking cartoon. Are you kidding me? What the fuck is wrong with people? I'm really starting to think that most people are just fucking insane. If you don't like the cartoon, then don't read it. Is it really that fucking complicated?

And if you're upset over a cartoon depicting your prophet with a bomb, I'm not sure responding with violence makes the most sense. That might just perpetuate the sterotype you are offended by.

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Storm said...


do you not just love the irony?

Political Correctness now extended to thus whose staed purpose is to kill all westerners.

I guess the French missed the lesson. Islamic terrorists hate all of us.

I do not know much about Koran but I do know it is clear their are followers and then there are infidels. No gray, no pc just kill or convert the infidels.

Storm said...

While ou are on the topic of cartoons>

What do you and your followers think of the U.S. Army cartoon and the 24 star response?


John Howard said...

I don't get your point, who is trying to be politically correct?

I don't know about any US Army cartoon.

beakerkin said...


Allow me to perform a public service.

Traditional Islam prohibits the drawing of anything that is living.
Thus the artistic expression of Muslim countries is calgraphy.

The traditional penalty for blasphemy against Islam is death.
This was the case with the fatwa against Salman Rushdie. A misionary who tries to convert Muslims is traditionaly put to death under Sharia law.

The creators of these cartoons have created a double whammy.

maurinsky said...

This settles the question in my mind. Religiosity is insane.

Storm said...


The point was clear. The Islamic terrorists are cliaming hate speech and demanding Europeans use more Politically Correct language meanwhile they chop off the heads of Europeans, riot in the streets and threaten to blow up countries.

Surely even you can see the irony of being told by an agressor to approach with PC in your hand while he comes with an RPG.

The Disgruntled Chemist said...

storm, the Muslim community is angry because their religion expressly prohibits anyone from drawing Mohammed, as a protection against idolatry (I think). So it's not so much political correctness as it is people being overly sensitive about their religion.

In that sense, it's the exact analogue of the Christian Right in this country getting offended when NBC produces a TV show where Britney Spears says something semi-tasteless about the crucifixion, or any of the other moronic things that they get up in arms about.

On the topic of the Joint Chiefs' response to the WaPo cartoon, I think they too have proven themselves to be a bunch of thin-skinned morons. As John said in the original post, it's just a cartoon. Don't read it if you don't like it.

beakerkin said...

Chemist not even close as the Christians do not threaten violence
or kidnapings over material they do not like.

I saw that picture of you without your shirt on your blog. You should consider shaving your back and letting your friend Rob do the photoshop work

Shakespeare's Sister said...

That might just perpetuate the sterotype you are offended by.


Robert Bayn said...

I'm not Islamic, and i could careless if they are offended by a cartoon, get a grip!

For the record i have seen the cartoons, i thought they were rather funny, and you make a good point John, if they respond with violence, they only prove the cartoon to be true.

Seems Muslims and Christians do have one thing in common, they bitch about stupid things, Muslims are in a hissy fit over Cartoons, last year Christians were in a hissy fit that sponge bob was gay, everytime they do this sorty of thing, they make athiest look more sane.

beakerkin said...


There is a distict difference between mere protests and threats of violence. If all Muslims were doing is protesting that is fine. Howeverthreatening violence is another matter entirely.

Sponges are asexual .

Storm said...

Chemist and JRH

there is a vast difference between the market forces gathering together to influence sponsorship of a program or company (remember Jesse does virtually the same thing) and the actions of those offended by these cartoons. You are over gneralizing and stereotyping everyone.

I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of muslims in general when muslim papers have run cartoons depicting jews and christians in unflattering ways to say the least.

Storm said...

On now we find out the cartoons originally aired in September. Only the original set was not offensive enough so on Muslim had to add some other "cartoons" and convince the Muslim leadership to believe the new set of "cartoons"

Also there is some doubt about this so called prohibtion on displaying Allah.

So now th author is what supposed to apologize for cartoons he did not even write.

And guess who they blaim? That's right America.

Ever consider the muslims just wanted to riot and this is an excuse.

We are in a battle with people we do understand and can not comprehend their motives (by people I mean our allies the Demos).

John Howard said...

I thought they were blaming the Jews?

This whole issue seems completely unrelated to the United States, so I'm not sure what you're talking about regarding being in battle with anyone.