Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Minister arrested mid-sermon

So I ran across this article about a power struggle at a little church somewhere, and I didn't find it very interesting until I got to this part at the end:

...McCants, whose sermon was touching on the television series, "The Little House on the Prairie."

Little House on the Prairie? Ok, now I know the guy deserved to be fired. A 30 year old show about a family from over a hundred years ago. Maybe they fired him because they want to replace him with Reverend Alden, who I just saw the other day in The Green Mile. I guess he's still alive, and he'd probably have a better grasp of Little House on the Prairie related sermons than McCants does.

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Storm said...

I do not have any problem with the arrest on church grounds but there is something that confuses me.

The article says the police took it as fact that he was not supposed to be there. In this jurisdiction, before you can be arrested for trepass (dv exception) you have to be banned in front of a law enforcement officer. If you leave without incident no problem. If you return then the person in charge of the property can seek a warrant or if the police arrive and the suspect is still on the property he/she can be arrested without a warrant. The point is the suspect has to be notified in front of law enforcement before one can be arrested for trespass.

John Howard said...

I have no idea what the local trespass laws require here, or there. All I know is Little House on the Prairie is a really old show.

Storm said...


Just wanted to add to your forum.

I thought the point was where the guy was arrested and how.

But I guess it was about a show.

John Howard said...

That was my point. Otherwise the article didn't interest me much. You're free to make your own observations, though.