Wednesday, February 08, 2006

John Bolton Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

What the fuck? Yeah, because when I think of Peace, the first name that comes to mind is John Bolton.

If he's such a peaceful sort, he may want to go have a word with his idiot boss.

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Storm said...

Oh my gosh, a rep did his job correctly.

Possibly stopping the nuclear bombing of a country.

BadTux said...

Dig a little deeper, and you find this is the work of the World's Wackiest Swede, Per Ahlmark, who has leveraged a political career that ended in 1978 into a full-time gig as a paid propagandist for Israel. Note that a) Mr. Ahlmark does not appear to be eligible to nominate people for a Nobel Prize, b) Mr. Ahlmark has a regular habit of "nominating" various right-wing pro-Israel blow-hards for a Nobel Prize, and c) the Nobel Prize committee refuses to either confirm or deny nominations, and keeps nominations sealed for 50 years, meaning that Mr. Ahlmark could claim he has nominated Jack D. Ripper for the Nobel Peace Prize and there'd be no way to confirm it.

I guess Mr. Ahlmark is trying to hit up Mossad for a pay raise or something, what with "nominating" right-wing blowhard John Bolton, a belligerent bullying asshole who made a habit of terrorizing his female subordinates at the State Department, for a "Peace" prize. What a sad little man Mr. Ahlmark is...

-- Badtux the Investigative Penguin

John Howard said...

Good info, badtux, I didn't know anyone of that.

And storm, I don't know if Bolton has really done anything like what the "nomination" says he did. I was just pointing out the ridiculousness of a guy who basically seems incapable even of getting along with his coworkers being nominated for a peace prize.

Storm said...


thanks for the info


I do not care if his coworkers like him if it means that his does his job in a way that accomplishes the mission of the UN.

John Howard said...

I would think not getting along with anyone you work with would be a pretty significant impediment to accomplishing your duties.