Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Drives to ban gay adoption heat up in 16 states

As a strong proponent of gay rights, you would think I would be bothered by this article. But I actually think it's good news. It is really great to see that 16 states have solved all their problems when it comes to children and families to such an extent that they can move on from them to this issue. Sure, I don't agree with any bans on gay adoption, but it's good to know that they have time to worry about it, because that means that obviously there are no children in those states who need homes, or who are in abusive or otherwise unhealthy homes. You would think that 16 states having elimintated all these common problems would have made the news, or would have at least been mentioned in this article, but somehow I missed it. Anyway, good for these states for fixing all those problems, even if I don't agree with where they have decided to focus all the resources that used to go to those needy children.

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Me4Prez said...

I hadn't thought of it that way, but now I am happy for those states.

Robert Bayn said...

This is great news, all the children are safe!

Jenn said...

I too think of it this way. Good to know that 16 states have no children that need loving homes. BRAVO to them!

da lil smooth gi says and said...

leap in logic dere.

while it is found thru history dat gay relationships r tolerated during times when it is beneficial as a population boom deterent, i do not c any evidence of an abundance of children being reared presently in happy functional family units. also while it is da tendency of governments 2b more lenient when it is 2der advantage, again dis behaviour is often overruled bi other factors, like blind hatred.
but da real issue is not gay adoption da real issue is family plannin. most of dese children who need adoption r from homes dat could have benefitted from a lil family planning education.

Gary said...

All I can say is that this is EXACTLY the reason me and my partner are NOT considering adoption!

I would love to give kids that have no home a great home; but I am not going to subject either the kids or myself to the potential hardache and up-heaval of the present political climate. I just don't trust America not to try and take them away from us!

Hell, even if they are ours biologically they aren't 100% safe from the state!

Do you know that if I were to die when our kid (my biological child)was 16 years old; rather than leave him in his stable home with the other man that has raised him from birth, the state would take this kid and put him into the system! No legal document exists that can protect against this! It is NOT legal in any of the states for two same gendered people to share equal parenting rights over one kid. It is NOT legal to draw up a will that confers parental rights upon death. There is nothing we can do! Yet, people wonder why we want to get married?

On that note, in PA on the 14th of March, there is going to be a rally at the Capital for Marriage Equality in PA.

Storm said...

You forgot to mention SD is considering making abortion so restrictive as to ban the practice.

Storm said...

Curious what is your take on the action of the Church in Boston to cease performing all adoptions rather than conform to the State's new mandating adoptions that conflict with the Church's moral teachings.