Thursday, February 02, 2006

AT&T Allegedly Provided Customer Data To Feds

EFF points to AT&T's databases, which it says handled more than 300 million voice calls and over 4,000 terabytes (million megabytes) of data, which is about 200 times the data contained in the entire Library of Congress. It cites media reports, including a Dec. 22 Los Angeles Times story indicating that the NSA has had and continues to have direct access to the database, a proprietary tool that AT&T researchers developed and named Daytona.
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I'm sure that entire 4,000 terabytes is all terrorist related data, so there's nothing to worry about. I wonder how it is that you discover in all that data who is talking to a terrorist without compromising the privacy of the rest of it. Oh well, I'm sure the government is smarter than I am, so I'll just happily go along with it. They'll need to watch out for those conservatives, though. I heard once (well, it was a long time ago) that those guys don't like the government butting into their private lives.

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