Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Somethingorother*

Apparently, Friday was the anniversary of this blog, but I forgot about it, and now since I'm lazy and can't think of what to say about it, I'll just repost what I posted last year at this time.

A year ago today, I started this blog with this post, which wasn't very interesting, but whatever. At the time I wasn't expecting anyone to read it, and I didn't really know what I was doing it for, I just knew that I had this BlogThis! button on my Google toolbar that I wanted to try out. I figured if I kept posting at all that it would become a more personal kind of journal. What actually happened was that as I read other people's blogs, I realized that I wasn't the only person in the world who didn't worship George Bush, so my frustration with the people who do really become the focus of most of my posts. Also, since it was right before the election, that magnified it for me. And of course after the ridiculous results of that election, my frustration only grew, so it was nice to share my thoughts with people who felt the same way, since at the time, there didn't seem to be enough of us. Not enough to get rid of the idiot, anyway. Now, it seems that things may be turning back towards a more reasonable, less ignorant attitude, and I like to take credit for that.

Anyway, I thought I should post something to commemorate this occasion. Please feel free to send gifts.**

* I refuse to use silly made up words like blogiversary.
** Or cash.

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SB Gypsy said...

Well, happy somethingorother anyway!

heh heh

somewaterytart said...

Contasticulations on your birthdibloggary. We expect great things. You've been a real asset to the organization. Welcome on board.

hornswaggler said...

Hello Mr. Howard

Do you remember saying this?

"The Eagles are last in the East. They suck. They can't run the ball. And their short passing game is pretty good, but doesn't make up for the lack of a running

And in response to my calling the Cowboys' and Skins' QB situations "tenuous":

"How are established, experienced and healthy veterans tenuous?"

"Bledsoe is immobile, so what? If they protect him, they will be fine. He was the top rated passer in the NFC last season before Flozell Adams got hurt ... At this point, there's absolutely no
reason to think they can't protect him. As for people calling for Romo to start, there are always fans that do that for any team, and they are the most vocal.

"As for Brunell, I don't care much what he does, but he's experienced and there's no reason he can't do
well with the Redskins."

Eagle have lost two tough ones recently, but are in far much better shape than the Cowboys.

Looks like you were totally, completely 100-percent wrong about Bledsoe, Brunell and the Cowboys' offensive line. Just thought I'd remind you.

Also, Reggie Brown is tied for 2nd in the NFL with 5 TDs and has another run rushing

John Howard said...

The Eagles are 4-3 and the Cowboys are 3-3. Congratulations on being a half game ahead. I'm pretty sure the season doesn't end today, though, so those records don't mean much.

Notice I said, if they protect him, he would be fine, they haven't been able to, so he's not. I also said, at that point, there was no reason to think they couldn't protect him. Obviously now there is reason.

Reggie Brown is doing fine, I'll still take TO or Glenn over him in a second, and you would too if you know anything about football. If Reggie Brown has 5 TDs with the Eagles, TO would have 8, and Glenn would have 6 or 7.

Anyway, both teams are now looking up at the Giants.

Toast said...

Watching Friday Night Lights the other night, I said to Tracy that, as much as I like the Matt Saracen character, I simply can't believe anyone at any level of football could rise to be a QB with such a shy, quiet, borderline slow personality. And then, driving into work this morning listening to ESPN Radio, they started talking about Drew Bledsoe. And I realized I had been wrong.

Toast said...

Anyway, both teams are now looking up at the Giants.

Who were my preseason pick to win the NFC East and go to the Superbowl.

Notice I said, if they protect him, he would be fine, they haven't been able to, so he's not.

That only goes so far. The Cowboys O-line sucks, true, but Bledsoe looks like one of those street performers who paint themselves all in one color and try to imitate a statue.

hornswaggler said...

You said there was no reason to be concerned about the OL's protection. You were dead wrong. And your faith in Bledsoe was utterly misplaced, regardless.

On the WRs, it depends if you're talking about one season or long-term. In the long-term I would obviously want an up-and-coming receiver like Brown over two guys who are in their 30s, one of whom is mentally disturbed and the other has a history of injuries.

You don't know anything about football if you would choose Owens over Brown for the long term. Your smug self-assurance over TO persists despite the warning signs.

Yes the Eagles are 4-3, but they've beaten the Cowboys and dropped three close games mostly by beating themselves. The Cowboys are teeternig on the brink.

I don't understand how Cowboys fans like you can be so cocky given how the franchise has fared since the Aikman-Smith-Irvin era ended 10 years ago. Perhaps it's one of those universal mysteries that are not meant to be fathomed.

John Howard said...

There wasn't any reason to be concerned about the OLine at the time. Bledsoe obviously isn't what I hoped, but I still think he'd be fine with a line that protected him well. Once the pressure comes, he gets rattled. Obviously my predictions aren't 100% accurate, and at the end of the season, I'll look back at all of them, but no one gets everything right.

I'll take either Glenn or TO over Brown no matter what the circumstances. Youth is nice, but so is experience, and there's no guarantee a young guy sticks around when he reaches his full potential. I don't know Glenn's injury history, but I don't remember him having any significant problems while in Dallas.

The Cowboys also dropped three games (two close ones), by beating themselves.

I don't understand how Eagles fans like you can be so cocy given how the franchise has fared since the (whatever era the Eagles actually won anything back in the 40s or whatever) era ended. Perhaps it's one of those universal mysteries that are not meant to be fathomed.

hornswaggler said...

I'm not cocky at all. All I did was suggest that the Eagles could go 10-6 (a reasonable prediction), and you jumped all over me, said the Eagles "suck" and made a host of other ill-fated prognostications.

Meanwhile, you act as if nothing could possibly go wrong with your team, when any sane Dallas fan would be harboring significant doubts right now.*

I'll tell anyone who'll listen what's wrong with my team, but there's no ruffling your smug facade.

*To wit:

-- What happens if and when Parcells quits after this year? It's not easy to find a top coach, as the Gailey-Campo era demonstrated.

-- Will Romo be the QB of the future, or will the team have to take yet another stab?

-- Are our safeties good enough in coverage?

John Howard said...

The Eagles do suck, and always will, regardless of their record. I'm not sure how you can judge any of my predictions after six games, but whatever makes you happy. Where are your predictions? I'm sure I could have fun picking those apart too.

Of course things can (and have) go wrong with my team, but why would I choose to dwell on those before the season even starts? I have to do enough of that when the team is bad. They're supposed to be good now, I'm not going to waste the short season concentrating on all the possible problems.

I think Jerry Jones learned his lesson about hiring bums as coach, that's why Parcells is there now. I wouldn't say finding a coach would be all that difficult in general, but if it's next year, it might be because I can't think of any top coaches who might be available.

Hopefully, Romo is the QB of the future. We should know that soon.

Safties are not good enough in coverage, obviously. Although I like how Watkins has played overall as a rookie, Keith Davis really needs to be in there more if Wtkins keeps giving up big plays.

All teams have problems, and I've now discussed the problems with my team a lot more than you have the problems with yours. The difference is, I don't fault you for it. Where's the fun in talking about how bad your team can be?

hornswaggler said...

Talking about how bad your team can be is for Eagles fans an art, a duty, an affliction.

I'll see you in hell.

Westley (internet losa) said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Celebrate with a big vat of hamburger helper, ya greedy bustard!