Friday, October 20, 2006

TV - Friday

Battlestar Galactica - A close second to Lost for best show on TV. I meant to watch the miniseries when it came on, but I forgot about it by the time it aired, then when I remembered, I could only seem to get my DVR to find Part 2, so I didn't watch it from the beginning. That was probably better, anyway. Since I got to watch the entire first 2 seasons all at once without having to worry about cliffhangers and stuff. Tonight's episode should be good. Whatever happens, they need to get off the planet pretty quickly, because it's a better show when they're in space. Outside of some Star Trek, space themed TV shows (Space: Above and Beyond, Earth 2, etc.) have always been pretty bad, so it's nice to see it handled well. They do a particularly good job with the space battles, realizing the different ways the ships would manuever in the zero gravity. The characters are all really good, and the plots are consistently good, except when they try to take a more peripheral subject and make it the focus of an episode. Like the one with the black market, or the hostage crisis. Also, TV shows should never, ever, ever try to make up their own sports, because they always look stupid.

Real Time with Bill Maher - I don't watch this regularly anymore, because it tends to be the same thing over and over again, but I always put it on my DVR and watch it occaiosionally. It still has some pretty funny parts now and then, and they do get some good guests.

Psych - This one is on USA, so I'm not sure how I even started watching it. It's not bad, but Dule Hill deserves to be on a much better show. If this was on another night, I probably wouldn't bother with it, but since there's not much for competition, I watched all the episodes so far. I don't know if I'll have time to keep up with it when it returns in January.

Anything else on Fridays? I don't think there is. There's also not much on on Saturdays, so maybe tomorrow I'll cover some miscellaneous shows that I don't know what night they'll be on, or that are on multiple nights, or that I don't watch regularly, but still enjoy.

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Toast said...

So they're off planet. Great episode. Stunning battle scenes. Jesus, I love that fucking show. I think it might be my favorite TV show of all time. Not sure yet. Have to carefully consider whether it's snuck past Star Trek and Star Trek: Next Generation. It's a high bar to clear, but I think BSG might have done it.

Chris Howard said...

BSG is the best. Action, drama, plot, it's got everything. I can't wait until I can ge my HD Directv receiver. From what I read, the Universal HD channel shows BSG in HD.

maurinsky said...

Doctor Who is also on Friday nights.

John Howard said...

Doctor Who?

Chris Howard said...

Oh I forgot, Numbers is on Fridays, too. It's a good show.