Wednesday, October 18, 2006

TV - Wednesday

Probably my favorite night of television. Although, that's because my favorite show is on, and if it was the only thing on, it would probably still be my favorite night.

Jericho - This is the new show that I looked forward to the most. I've always liked reading post apoctalyptic type fiction, and this looked like a show that might be able to translate it to TV pretty well. So far I really like it, though it's not quite as good as I had hoped. I think the focus is too much on Skeet Ulrich, and him saving everything, when it needs to be more of an ensemble. Also, all the things they're going through so far in each week's plots aren't written terribly well. The characters are pretty good, especially the mysterious Mr. Hawkins. And I think the show will only improve as we find out more of his story.

Lost - Best show on TV. The only thing bad about it is reading all the crap on the internet from people who think it's too slow. When they answer all the questions, the show will be over, so I'm glad they're taking their time. As long as what they are putting on each week is interesting (and to me it definitely is), I'm happy. Obviously my opinion of it is subject to change if the series concluded with too many unanswered or poorly resolved questions. But currently, it's great. I started watching in the first season just because of all the hype, and because there wasn't much on that night, then really got hooked when they did Locke's first flashback. That's another thing that people need to stop bitching about. The flashbacks. They've been a part of the show since the beginning, and they're a big part of what makes it so great. I can't believe anyone thinks they take anything away from the show. I'm really looking forward to tonight's episode as it looks like we'll see a lot of Locke, who is probably my favorite character, and we'll probably find out what happened to Eko, who I also really like. I want to know all the answers as much as anyone else, but apparently unlike most everyone else, I'm really enjoying the journey to get to them.

The Nine - So far, this is probably my favorite new show. The mystery, and the connections the characters have with each other makes it very compelling. What actually happened in the bank will obviously make or break the show, but I have high hopes so far.

South Park - I didn't watch this regularly untill just recently, and I really don't know how I managed that. Obviously, it's hilarious. Missing it all these years, though, makes sure that there's usually an episode on my DVR that I haven't seen. Hopefully, though, they're not losing it, after horrible back to back episodes last season (Al Gore and Oprah). The World of Warcraft one was very good, even though I don't play any of those stupid games.

Ok, so what did I miss? What do you guys think of my Wednesday lineup?

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Chris Howard said...

I watch all those except Jericho. Lost is my second favorite show behind BSG, but it's close. You know I'm with you on the internet haters. The show isn;t significantly different than it was from the beginning, and that's a good thing, Without the character drama, the mystery stuff would fall flat.

maurinsky said...

John Howard, I'm going to be watching Lost this season, even though I found it dull the first season, because Nathan Fillion from my very favorite show, Firefly, will be guesting.

So I watched most of it tonight. Who the fuck are Paolo and Nicki?

Shakespeare's Sister said...

Wednesday Nights are not complete at Shakes Manor without an episode of MythBusters.

John Howard said...

You can't start watching Lost in the middle.

Paolo and Nicki are new. I guess they're supposed to have been around the whole time, but it is a little odd to have them suddenly involved like that.

Who is Nathan Fillion?

John Howard said...

I watch Mythbusters occaisionally, but it's not something I could watch regularly. Discovery Channel shows tend to be the kind of thing I flip over to during commercials of sporting events.