Monday, October 16, 2006

TV - Monday

I had a really long post about the TV shows I watch on Monday, as the first part of a series on all the TV I watch, but then when I tried to copy it somewhere to save it in case there was any problem posting, Blogger (which sucks) deleted it. So, if you're ever selecting a bunch of text in the BlogThis! window, don't hit the up arrow once it's all selected, because it conveniently deletes it, and apparently undo doesn't undo this particular feature. So, anyway, I'll just post a few quick thoughts about each show and if there is any discussion, I can go into the detail I had intended in comments.

Prison Break - Good show, lost a lot of steam after the LONG break last season, and relying too much on close calls. Has come back strong this season. The addition of the guy from Invasion (thank god that got canceled) was a great one. They still focus too much on the "they almost get caught, but don't" formula, but it's working well this season.

Heroes - Good show, has a lot of potential. Hiro is great. They need to make the cheeleader's story more interesting, which it looks like they did at the end of last week's episode. Hopefully, the stoty will be good enough to support a good premise.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Started great. I really like the West Wing (and Sports Night for the week or so I watched before it got the axe), so I expected to like this too. Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry are excellent, particularly because I never feel like I'm watching Josh Lymon or Chandler Bing. I think they need to make sure they don't focus too much on the love story and they'll be ok. Oh, and make the fictional show funnier or stay away from showing it to us. Especially that joke from last week that was horrible and not at all funny. Oh, and no one gives a shit about the life of a netwrok president, no matter what skeletons are in her closet.

24 - I finally started watching this last season, and watched the previous 4 seasons during the fifth season. It's very predictable and formulaic, but still manages to be compelling. I really liked the end of last season. I can't wait to see how Jack manages to kill a billion Chinese people before saving the US from certain destruction, while dealing with personal issues at the same time. Good show.

So, what do you guys think about the shows above? Anything else I should be watching on Mondays?

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Me4Prez said...

I like 24. It is kind of predictable, but it still manages to make me want to watch it.

Haven't seen Prison Break yet, but that is in my NetFlix queue.

Like Studio 60 so far, but am not sure how long it can last. The most annoying part to me is that staion owner guy from Wings.

John Howard said...

Yeah 24 does a good job of being interesting despite the predictable plots.

Prisonbreak is good, it's probably even better watching on DVD without the long break.

I like Steven Weber, I think he's good in that role.

Toast said...

We're seriously digging on Heroes. Just watched ep 3 last night, and wow. Hiro is clearly the break-out star of the cast, and the ninja transformation just blew my mind. Don't care much for the stripper character yet, but maybe she'll grow on me.

John Howard said...

The ending was very good, again. I like it a lot, too. I like the stripper, especially when she almost stuck her heel through that guy's eye.

Chris Howard said...

I still haven't found time to watch 24. And I haven't picked back up on Prison Break yet. I'm finding I have too much tv to watch as it is. I watch CSI:Miami on Mondays, but I know you don't like any of them. David Caruso and his sunglasses have turned into camp.

I'm really enjoying Heroes also. The ending this week with Hiro was great. I thought for sure Sylar had come to get Mohindar.

John Howard said...

24 and Prisonbreak are both pretty good. But if you find yourself with extra time, watch The Wire before those. I'm all caught up now, and it's very good.

maurinsky said...

I caught Heroes for the first time this week, and I really enjoyed it (once I got over the gross out factor of the cheerleader waking up on the autopsy table.)

Love Hiro, and I thought the ending this week was terrific.

Studio 60 - If they could edit out of all "this is Aaron Sorkin talking" and actually develop the characters as if they weren't little Aaron Sorkins, this show could be pretty good. I was not a fan of The West Wing (although I loved Sports Night), and I think Aaron Sorkin puts entirely too much of himself in every single character. But I really like Matthew Perry and Steven Webber.

John Howard said...

I think you're right maurinsky, though I didn't notice him doing that so much in The West Wing. Maybe it just comes off that way with the TV show setting.