Sunday, October 22, 2006

TV - Miscellaneous

There's nothing on on Saturday, so I'm doing a few miscellaneous shows tonight.

The Simpsons - Still a great show, but I don't watch it regularly. I just put it on my DVR and watch an episode whenever. There are plenty I still haven't seen, and even most of the ones I have seen are good to watch again.

Big Brother - This is the one show I watch that I really can't give any good reason why. I've watched it since the first season and never stopped. No reason really.

The Apprentice - I've watched all of these also. Some are good, some are bad. When it first came on, I thought it would be awful, but watched the first episode just to see, and pretty immeadiately got hooked on it somehow. Should be interesting to see how it handles the move to L.A.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge - I hate all these people and their apparently jobless, no purpose lives. Who can spend weeks at a time away from home a couple of times a year like all these morons do? They're all crazy and I like to watch them argue with each other.

Everybody Hates Chris - I forgot this one on Monday. It's good, but not great. Has some really funny moments occaisionally, and is pretty solid overall. This is the only show I watch on the CW. I probably wouldn't miss it at all if it was gone, but I like Chris Rock, and the kid they've got playing him does a good job.

The Daily Show/The Colbert Report - With all the new shows on, I really haven't had time to watch these lately. I even had to take them off my DVR schedule, because they're on so many times a day they're always causing conflicts in my scheduling. But they're still both great shows, and I catch them when I can. When three or four of the shows I watch get canceled, I'll probably start watching them regularly again.

Extreme Engineering - I started watching this back when they covered imaginary stuff, like the tunnel from New York to Paris, or the Sky City or the Bering Strait bridge. I guess they ran out of those, because now they just cover actual projects. I usually watch these during commercials of sporting events or if I just have the TV on in the background when I'm doing something else.

Seinfeld - Best comedy ever, by far. I still watch reruns quite a bit. This is the only non-current show I'm mentioning, just because it's worth it.

I think that's about it. I probably missed something, but that's all I can think of at the moment. Since all the HBO shows are on Sunday (along with a few others) and I watch most of them, I've got a lot left still to cover.

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