Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TV - Tuesday

I'll continue this series even though no one is paying any attention.

Friday Night Lights - This is still pretty new, so I don't know if it will stand up for the whole season, but so far I really like it. It has some good characters and the rabid football fans should provide some interesting plotlines. The one glaring weakness in this show so far was the horribly scripted football game. Just too much unrealistic drama and ridiculousness. Hopefully, that won't keep up during the whole season. I think there'll be another game to start the show tonight, so we should be able to find out pretty quickly. They really could have told the exact same story plotwise in the pilot without making the game so ridiculous.

Boston Legal - I'm not much for lawyer (or doctor or cop) shows these days, but this one is really good. William Shatner and James Spader are excellent, and there are a lot of other good characters as well. The dialogue is very good and the plots, though predictable, are entertaining. As a bonus, they frequently take shots at the Bush administration.

Nip/Tuck - If you're not watching any of FX's dramas, you're really missing out. This is probably my least favorite of the three, but it's very good anyway. A lot of interesting, if unbelievable, plots and some very likeable characters. The one thing that really bugs me about this show is both of the main characters, rich successful plastic surgeons, are supposedly in love with the same woman, who is in no way loveable, and horribly ugly on top of that, which makes it a little unbelievable. I didn't watch this when it first started, but I watched the end of last season, then caught up with reruns before the beginning of this season. Now, I'll watch anything FX puts on (much like HBO) just in case it's as good as what they currently offer.

Rescue Me - Another show I didn't watch from the beginning, but after watching Nip/Tuck, and having watched The Shield from the beginning, I figured this was probably pretty good also. And it is. One of the best shows on TV. All the characters are great, though I hope to god they're not realistic or represenative of New York firefighters. Because if they are, those are some horribly repressed, afraid to be themselves, bigoted, drunken motherfuckers. If you're not watching this, you really should give it a chance.

The Shield - I saw the previews for this show and meant to watch it, but completely forgot about it by the time it started. But, I happened to be flipping around and caught a rerun of the premiere the night after it started. I stopped on it without knowing what it was because it was so filthy, I couldn't believe it was on regular cable. That's one of the things that makes FX's shows so great, they curse, show nudity, and have adult situations. Not quite the leeway that HBO has, but much better then a network. The only things I haven't liked about the show are that they started in the first episode making Mackey a really, really bad guy (which was one of the reasons I liked it so much), then ever since, they've been trying to make him likeable, which they clearly showed him not to be in the premiere. Oh, and what the fuck ever happened to Tevan?

I think that's it for Tuesday. Anything I'm missing out on? Anyone have any opinions of the above shows?

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Toast said...

The only one of these I'm watching is Friday Night Lights. So far, Tracy and I like it quite a bit. Very interested to see the game that (I'm guessing) opens episode three. Like you said, I just hope they do better job creating realistic drama than they did in the first one.

John Howard said...

The game wasn't great, but they didn't really focus so much on it this time, which was a good way to go. They still went a little overboard having them get to the 1 and come up short, but it was ok otherwise. But just show a few highlights to give the feel of the game, and that's it. The show is about the people, not the games. The less we see of the games, the better, especially considering how bad the first one was.

And you should really watch FX. All of those shows are very good.

Toast said...

First off, thanks for the spoiler, dude. We watch FNL on DVR. Probably get to it tonight.

And you should really watch FX. All of those shows are very good.

Out of bandwidth.

Well, actually, that's not entirely true. We just opened up a spot on Sunday when we decided to can Desperate Housewives. But that spot's going to Jericho.

John Howard said...

For future reference, I only consider spoilers for TV shows anything that you find out before the show airs. After it's on consider it fair game and expect anyone who doesn't want to know about it to avoid conversation of it. But my apologies, anyway, I obviously should have gathered from your comment that you hadn't seen it.

Jericho isn't as good as the shows on FX, but I like it. Desperate Housewives isn't nearly as good as it was in the first season. Both of those will be covered in subsequent posts.

Chris Howard said...

I don't watch anything at all on Tuesday, which is good actually because then I can catch up on my backlog from the other nights.

maurinsky said...

Tuesday night is Veronica Mars for me. But I do have an opinion on Nip/Tuck - I love Peter Dinklage, so I may stop by to see him, but the show makes me feel depressed and unhappy - I just can't stand any of the regular characters.

John Howard said...

Is he the midget? If so, it looks like he'll have a big role next week.