Sunday, October 29, 2006

NFL Week 8

Last week was my first losing week at 6-7, which could have gone the other way had I not picked the Cowboys (a mistake I won't make this week). But I'm still doing ok overall at 63-37. Nice to see this morning that Ron Jaworski has given up on those ridiculous new glasses he's been wearing lately. Anyway, I plan on being undefeated this week, but hopefully I'll lose the Cowboys Panthers game where I just can't convince myself to pick Dallas since I'm obviously picking Dallas with their QB of the future, Tony Romo.

Jacksonville at Philadelphia - Jacksonville doesn't play in Philadelphia much and they're pretty banged up at the moment. I like the Eagles at home, though this is another one I wouldn't mind losing.

Atlanta at Cincinnati - I'd like to pick the Falcons in an upset here, but I just can't quite bring myself to do it, I like the Bengals.

Arizona at Green Bay - Bad vs. bad, I'll take the home team, the Packers.

Houston at Tennessee - Both teams suck, and both have won games they probably shouldn't have, but I'll take the Texans in a mild upset.

Seattle at Kansas City - I almost picked the Seahawks here just because they win whenever I pick against them, but without Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselback, I like the Chiefs.

Baltimore at New Orleans - I could see the Ravens winning this game, but I really like the new look Saints, I'll take them at home.

Tampa Bay at New York Giants - Another game I wouldn't mind losing so much, I'll take the Giants.

San Francisco at Chicago - Chicago will lose sooner or later, but not this week.

St. Louis at San Diego - I like the Chargers at home coming off a tough loss.

New York Jets at Cleveland - I'm not sure why the Browns are favored here, but I'll take the Jets anyway.

Indianapolis at Denver - Denver looks good so far, but I don't think they can score enough points to keep up with the Colts.

Pittsburgh at Oakland - It's hard enough to believe the Raiders won a single game, I can't see them actually winning two in a row.

Dallas at Carolina - I hope Romo comes out and wins his first start, but I just don't see it, I like the Panthers 27 - 17 Obviously, Romo is the next Joe Montana, so I'll pick the Cowboys here, 35 - 14.

New England at Minnesota - The Patriots have already been upset once in prime time this season, I don't think it's going to happen again this week. I like the Patriots, 21-13.

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Country Clint's Everything Blog said...

I like your blog. It is similar to my own. Good luck with your picks.

John Howard said...

Thanks and welcome.