Friday, October 06, 2006

NFL Week 5

I was 8-6 again last week, which sucks. But I still have an overall record of 38-22, so that's not too bad.

Miami at New England - Miami sucks, I'll take the Patriots.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans - Tampa sucked even before they had to go to a rookie QB, give me the Saints.

Washington at New York Giants - I like Washington in an upset, though I don't really have any good reason why.

Buffalo at Chicago - The Bears really look good, I don't see them having any problem with the Bills at home.

St. Louis at Green Bay - Brett Favre is done, I'll take the Rams.

Cleveland at Carolina - I think Carolina is ready to get it rolling, and the Browns suck, I'll take the Panthers.

Tennessee at Indianapolis - Good team vs. awful team, I'll take the Colts.

Detroit at Minnesota - Detroit sucks, I like the Vikings.

Kansas City at Arizona - I'm not sure how Kansas City manages 41 points against anyone with no receivers and no quarterback, but they did, and I think they can get enough somehow to beat the Cards.

Oakland at San Francisco - This takes me back to the '89 World Series, featuring the two Bay area teams. Maybe there will be an earthquake that will swallow up these two awful teams so we don't have to watch them anymore. The coin landed on heads, I'll take the 49ers.

New York Jets at Jacksonville - Jacksonville has been playing well but still finding a way to lose. Same for the Jets. If this was in New York, I'd be tempted to pick the Jets, but here, I like the Jags.

Dallas at Philadelphia - Philadelphia has looked good, but against bad teams, and they're pretty banged up. The Eagles have lost 6 or 7 division games in a row, I'll take the Cowboys, and they'd better fucking win.

Pittsburgh at San Diego - I really should pick the Chargers at home, but I just can't see the Steelers losing three in a row, I'll take Pittsburgh, 20-13.

Baltimore at Denver - Baltimore has been impressive this season so far, I'll take them in a close one, 24-21.

If you use my picks to win your office pool, make sure to forward me a portion of your winnings. Check out this handy site which has maps showing what games are showing around the country. Notice the emptiness around my house in the vast sea of red that represents everyone else in the country getting the Dallas/Philadelphia game for the FOX Doubleheader game 2.

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Toast said...

Completely off topic:

John (and Chris), any interest in joining a fledgling NBA rotisserie league? I'm trying to get something together this season since the Head-to-Head league I'm in is about to fold, and I know John is one of the other 19 NBA fans left on the planet. If you're interested, email me.

John Howard said...

Thanks, Toast. We did a fantasy NBA league one time and it was fun, but anything but football just seems like too much work to me with the frequency of the games.