Thursday, October 19, 2006

TV - Thursday

These seem to be my most popular posts in quite some time. Unfortunately, I'm running out of days.

Survivor - I watched most of the first season, just because everyone was watching and talking about it, but after that, I didn't watch the next few. Somehow or other, I picked it back up and have watched ever since. It's still the best reality/contest type show, but I don't think I'd miss it all that much if it was gone. But as long as it's on, I'll keep watching. One major gripe I have about it (but not as much since I got the DVR) is that it's on Thursdays all season, then they do the finale on Sunday. I watch other things on Sunday, pick one night and stick with it.

My Name is Earl - I don't know if it's just because Seinfeld was the best show ever, or that all the comedies since have sucked ass, but I haven't watched any comedies regularly since Seinfeld ended. When this show came on, I didn't expect it to change that. And after watching the first few episodes, I didn't really change my opinion much, but somewhere along the line, this show really grew on me. It's not great by any means, but it's always funny and has some great moments. Joy and Crabman are very funny.

The Office - I had seen the British version a handful of times and thought it was great, but I didn't think they could translate it very well. I didn't like the first episode all that much, but after that, it really took off, and obviously I was wrong. This show is the best comedy on TV right now. Not that that's all that impressive. Hopefully they'll be able to successfully navigate through the sexual tension minefield without screwing it up. I wasn't sure they could do that after the finale last season, but they've done well with it so fat this season.

Six Degrees - I really hoped this show would be very good, since it's from JJ Abrams. But at this point, that's really the only reason I'm watching it. It has some potential, but I'm not optimistic that it's really going to go anywhere, and certainly won't be anywhere near as good as Alias or Lost. Also, they really need to call it One Degree based on how close these people all are after only a few episodes. I expect by next season, instead of a bunch of people vaguely connected, it will be more like Melrose Place with them all living in the same building and sleeping with each other. There is a little mystery to the plot also, with Mae's character and her past. If that turns out to be something interesting, the show could be much better.

ER - No, of course I don't watch this crap anymore. I just wanted to take a minute to point out that I think it's ridiculous that this show is still on. I hear it is having a resurgence this season. Must be new people watching that missed when they were driving tanks into the building and dropping helicopters on people. Also, I'm tired of them advertising every episode as if it is a special event, or pretending that any guest star they get is suddenly some kind of legend. Also, nothing good ever happened on this show, it was always one depressing moment after another. This has also ruined me for all medical dramas for who knows how long.

Ok, that's it for Thursday, what do you think? Anything I'm missing?

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Mike Meitín said...

So far, you watch a lot of the same TV shows that I watch. I can't think of much you are missing that hasn't already been pointed out. However, I do hope that you have been watching the NLCS Games 5 6 and 7 and DVRing these shows.

John Howard said...

This game is going to make me puke.

Toast said...

Dude, sorry about your Mets. Seriously. I was pulling for them as the New York team, but also 'cause I couldn't bear the notion of the stupid Cardinals going back to the World Series.

As to the TV posts, good stuff. Funny, just before you started this I was thinking of instituting a weekly TV update where I quickly run down what's happening in all my shows. Still might. Easy subject to write about, easy subject to get people to engage on.

Haven't watched Earl. Just never looked remotely interesting.

Huge Survivor fan, although I think they're starting to stagnate when it comes to coming up with challenges. Enough with the puzzles and rope lines already. Let's see some imagination.

Absolutely love The Office. I'm not a big half-hour comedy fan either. That kind of show needs to really blow me away for me to watch regularly. Office does that. I'd say I laugh out loud at least a dozen times per 20-minute episode.

You're right: The fact that ER is still on is one of the biggest jokes in all of television. No wonder NBC is sucking it so hard in the ratings.

John Howard said...

You can't go down looking to end the LCS. That sucks.

Weekly update would be interesting, I'm all for it.

My Name is Earl is remotely interesting, but that's about it.

I think you're right about survivor. How many times recently have we seen the follow the rope challenge? Seems like a lot. I liked the brutal physical challenge they did last night, though. Also, I think Exile Island sucks, they need to get rid of it.

I hate ER, but as far as NBC sucking in the ratings, I think it's actually helping them there, not hurting. Though, I don't understand how, a lot of people still watch it.

Chris Howard said...

My Name is Earl is really good. I like it as much as The Office. One thing I've noticed about Jason Lee. He's one of those guys who look completely different with facial hair. There ae some people who grow beards and mustaches and look like the same people, except with facial hair. Then there ae people like Jason Lee. If you didn't already know it was him, I would bet that you could line him up against himself in Dogma or Mallrats and never guess it was the same guy.