Tuesday, January 31, 2006


One team has a running back that won the NFL MVP award, led the league in rushing, and set the single season record for touchdowns. The other team has a running back that rushed for 368 yards (but with 9 TDs). So who is all the coverage about? Jerome Bettis, of course. Because playing possibly your last game in your hometown is a far more impressive accomplishment than all those other things that Shaun Alexander did. Not that this isn't an interesting side note that deserves to be mentioned, but Jesus Christ, it's enough already. It makes me sad for the day when a Superbowl host city's team actually makes it to the game in their home stadium. Because coincidence is much more interesting than accomplishment.

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Toast said...

You know what gets me? Three straight weeks Sports Illustrated has had the Steelers on their cover. First Bettis, then Roethlisberger, then Bettis again. Three. Straight. Weeks. Has that ever happened before?

John Howard said...

I don't know, shouldn't that jinx have caught them by now, then?

Toast said...

You'd think, wouldn't you? If they win Sunday, that'll pretty much put that theory to rest.