Friday, May 19, 2006

Border reopens after shooting

This is a disturbing story. I don't know if this kind of thing happens very often, or if it's just news now because of the whole national immigration debate. Either way, it makes me wonder if deadly force was really necessary. According to relatively sparse info I've been able to find online, agents were alerted that this SUV was seen picking up illegals on the US side and was suspected of being a people smuggler. That's not a good thing, and running from authorities is highly suspicious. But keeping in mind the London Underground shooting last year, I don't think running from authorities should automatically lead to gunfire. Perhaps the agents had other information which isn't in the news. I would hope so anyway.

This leads me to a somewhat related thought. I know that there are people on the far edge of this immigation issue who think we should basically shoot on sight any people attempting to cross the border illegally. I hope that kind of thinking doesn't influence the actual practices of border patrol agents. I think border security is somewhat important, but it certainly isn't the end-all issue many people seem to think it is. (A determined terrorist will find a way to get in even if we build the mother of all fences. People forget that the 9/11 hijackers entered the country on visas). It certainly isn't reason to shoot otherwise innocent people on sight.

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Storm said...

First for those of you that actually search the net for use please answer me a question--Does any one actually write their own stories. I found this story in three places and it was exactly the same in each place.

JRH I doubt any agents are seriously operating with orders to shoot just because people are trying to enter illegally.

Here is my question when the vehicle started to veer to the left into the road would not that have been where the agent had been standing?

He is just my guess, the agents approach with weapons out because as the article suggests knew this was not grandma out for a Sunday drive. The vehicle starts moving towards the agent on the left and he responds to the use of the vehicle as a weapon with his own weapon. The other agent reflexly shoots.

There could be more to the story but I think that is reasoned way to look at this.

Chris Howard said...

FYI - I wrote this post, not John.

Yeah, like I said, with the limited information available, you can't know just what caused the agents to shoot. My point on that is this - if it was a simple case of a suspiscious character trying to evade capture, I don't agree with a shoot-first policy. However, it may not have been that simple. Again, it just hinted at the London shooting from last year, where we found out in the end that the police were too quick on the trigger.

puzzled said...

This guy was heading south. Was he trying to exit illegally? Smuggle people into Mexico?

John Howard said...

I think we should shoot everybody. Chances are they've done something wrong.

Storm said...

What can I say but this

I distrust all news reporters. I myself have been misquoted so I am skeptical.

I believe the story was aired incomplete on purpose to satisfy a perception that some group in the audience would like the story (and buy the paper).

JRH and Chris in case it is not blantanly apparent, my employment is in one in which I am intimately familiar with law enforcement policies and tactics and the viewpoint of an officer placed in situations (AOW can confirm this). Presumably the officer himself did not know all the facts either. You can discount me if you wish but I would think in the spirit of "walking in the other man's shoes" as liberals are fond of doing I would think you would give weight to the insight I bring in areas such as this.

I offer no comment regarding the London incident for several reasons but mainly because I am lazy and never bothered to do any research about an event that took place in another country with different laws, policies, procedures. I simply did not want to judge the officer based on my own set of values and experiences. I will agree with whatever the London Courts decided regarding the actions of the officer.