Thursday, May 18, 2006

Enough already

I'm watching Primetime which has a story about the horrors of MySpace. This is a story that I'm really sick of. Apparently nothing bad ever happened to kids before MySpace came around. Or at least that's the impression you get from listening to this crap.

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Robert Bayn said...

I'm with you, this is just "media hype" in my opinion, they make it sound like if your kid goes on to myspace they are going to get raped!

Here is a idea, how about teaching your kids how stupid it is to meet ANYONE off the net without a adult present, teach them their are predators, and only trust those they really know in person, how about checking what your kid is doing online, or here is one, how about being a friggin PARENT!

Toast said...

MySpace: It's the new Catholic Church! Which supplanted child abductors. Which supplanted day care centers run by child molesters. Which supplanted Satanists.

In a world teeming with all these threats to children, it's amazing anyone ever manages to grow up, ain't it?

John Howard said...

Yes, it is amazing.

Chris Howard said...

It's another one of the scare stories that the MSM loves to jump on, from the local news level all the way up to the big papers and cable news stations. It's very frustrating listening to this crap all the time. MySpace is just one aspect of the internet. Like Robert said, parents should have a good idea what their kids are up to on the internet wherever they are.

Storm said...

I am just saying just maybe media hype extends to other topics?

Think about it.