Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stuff I'm tired of

In no particular order:

"__________ much?"
Brangelina, TomKat, Bennifer (Not the people, the stupid names. Well, the people too, but moreso the stupid names)
Immigration debate
John McCain
TV Medical dramas
Hilary Clinton
Local "news"
The War on Anything
Steroids in Baseball
"'Nuff said."
Harry Potter
PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Wii
Law and Order
Intelligent Design
People whining about the pace of LOST
The NBA (and I still watch anyway)
NFL Offseason (I have tickets for Dallas at Jacksonville, September 10th)
"I threw up a little in my mouth"
Morning radio shows (especially if the word "zoo" is incorporated into the name)
People getting offended by everyday life (Yes, I realize some things are legitimately offensive, but I'm still tired of it)
Bird Flu (actually more accurately, that would be Bird Flu Hype since I've never actually encountered Bird Flu, though if I do, I suppose I'll quickly tire of it as well)
Made for TV movies
"your" instead of "you're"
Per-minute charges
People who whine about the Star Wars prequels
American Idol
Frivolous lawsuits

I'm sure there are more, including one that I had in mind when I decided to post this that has since slipped my mind, so maybe it'll become a series. Anyone else tired of anything? Feel free to vent here.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, now I remember the other one:


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Toast said...

As usual, you've got a few I disagree with: The NBA (you picked a weird year to complain about it), asshat (love that word), swords (the world needs more swordplay), and TV medical dramas (actually, I generally agree, but you have to make an exception for House).

Could not agree more regarding morning radio shows. I don't even listen to them. I find the mere sight of the billboards advertising them to be offensive. "WOW, WE'RE FUCKING WILD AND CRAZY HERE AT THE MORNING ZOO! WE'RE THE CRAZIEST AND ZANIEST OF ALL CRAZIES! LISTEN TO US TELL OFF-COLOR JOKES! HAW HAW! AREN'T WE DARING AND WILD AND RULE-BREAKING?! WE'RE CRAZY CRAZY PEOPLE! CRAZY!" Shit just makes me sick.

Things I'm Tired Of:

"Participation" Trophies
Guys with Stupid Tattoos
Bloggers who use "Open Threads" to keep up the appearance of activity on their sites
My fucking job

John Howard said...

I just find the NBA unwatchable (even though I watch it anyway), but it definitely has been better this year than the last couple, so I see your point. Asshat is a fine word, however, I'm tired of it. Swordplay is interesting, but it just seems that there is so much of it lately that I'm over it. As for House, I got tired of medical dramas before it came on (thanks, ER), so I haven't ever watched it, but I do hear good things. I really don't need to watch MORE TV, though anyway.

Morning radio show people are just way too impressed with themselves, which I wouldn't even be bothered by if they weren't all exactlyt the same and incredibly boring at the same time. Especially nowadays when it seems like every "crazy" story they talk about is something I saw on the internets last week.

I think participation trophies are good for really little kids, otherwise I would agree.

I'd agree with you in general about stupid tattoos, but I don't know exactly how you define stupid. I have a tattoo, but I like it.

I also hate open threads, I don't see the point. Seems like an ego thing more than anything else. "I have such devoted fans that they'll come here to talk regardless of whether I give them anything to talk about." But then I dislike big blogs in general anyway, and that's where you usually see this stuff.

I am also tired of your job, however, it's ok because I really like my job.

oldwhitelady said...

I'm just tired of not getting enough sleep.