Friday, May 26, 2006


I'm sure most people who would be interested in this have already seen it. But just in case, I thought I would post it here. These are the kinds of things I love about the internets, so much information about anything you could want, so readily available. And with a show like LOST, it's nice to have somewhere to refresh your memory before next season starts, since there are so many details that could be forgotten over the summer. The site also has a lot of theories, which are interesting to read and a big part of why this show is so much fun. And the wiki format fits it so much better than say a discussion board which is how most other LOST sites with similar information I've seen are set up.

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oldwhitelady said...

I started out watching Lost, but then missed a couple episodes. A coworker caught me up on it, so I was going to try and catch it again, but I was sidetracked. It sounds like it was really getting interesting.