Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This kind of thing just makes people dumber

Jim Piggott: With Or Without Mustache?

Channel 4 reporter Jim Piggott shaved off his mustache Tuesday on the morning show Tuesday. Which looks better?

I saw this as I was getting ready for work the last couple of mornings. They made some big production out of this moron shaving off his mustache. Why? I have no idea. And though I've heard the guy's name before, it's not like he's some sort of local celebrity or anything. They also have a poll where you can vote on which looks better. Sadly, there's no option to vote for: What the fuck is wrong with you idiots putting this crap on TV? I understand they want to have a lighter side, and can't fill an entire morning show with hard news, but this doesn't even qualify as mildly interesting on any level. It stuff like this (along with everytime our city is featured on COPS, it's to get some sort of reptile out of someone's house, or a drunk woman who fell asleep in the bathroom out of a bank) that makes me sad to admit where I live.

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