Thursday, May 25, 2006

LOST vs. 24

After looking around on the internets a lot leading up to and after the LOST finale last night, I noticed that there's apparently a lot of debate about which of these is the better show. I'm not sure where this comes from since they don't really compete on any level other than that they're both popular TV shows. However, if I had to pick one, I'd say it's no contest. 24 is great, very intense, and they're sure not afraid to kill anyone off. But it's also predictable, and formulaic. Jack is going to win, Jack is always right, no one is better than Jack, he will have to work outside of protocol, leadership will change every few hours, etc. LOST, on the other hand is completely unpredictable, and I think for that reason and others, it's a much better show. The mystery and speculation add a whole new level to the show, but the plot develpment (despite whiny people with no attention span saying otherwise) and character development are also excellent. What do you guys think, which is a better show? And if you only watch one, or neither, you should be watching both. Take the summer to get the DVDs and catch up.

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maurinsky said...

Veronica Mars is better than both of them.

Robert Bayn said...

24 is a great show, i thought Lost was ok, nothing that great.

I try watching Veronica Mars once and it bored me to death.

John Howard said...

I've never watched Veronica Mars, but I can still say there's no way it's better than either of them.

LOST isn't for everybody, but it is great. 24 is great as well, but for completely different reasons.

Chris Howard said...

I'll probably catch up on 24, or at least get in a couple of seasons this summer. Right now, I'm several weeks behind on first-run shows. Sometimes I have to make a decision whether to read or watch tv. I just finished Judas Unchained, so I'll probably get to catch up on my tv watching now.

Toast said...

Veronica Mars is better than both of them.

Damn, Mo. Is it possible for someone to bring up Lost without you trotting out Veronica Mars?

John Howard said...

I don't think it is Toast. I think she's just sad that she has missed out on LOST by watching Veronica Mars instead, and so is trying deperately to convince herself she made the right decision.