Saturday, May 20, 2006

You've got to be kidding

From Accuweather for NE Florida -

I know this is Florida, but 96 on May 20th?

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Holly said...

And yet another reason to expatriate to a cloudy and cool climate.

Toast said...

"RealFeel"? That's a little goofy, no?

Chris Howard said...

Holly, it's in the 50's in London right now. Looks like it's a little wet though.

Toast, yeah, I guess that's their version of
heat index? Not much of a play on words.

Storm said...

Thanks for bringing this up. I have been meaning to do some research like this.

This is why you all are having such a hard time convincing many of us about global warming. This chart shows no day in May 2006 (yet) produced a record breaking high. One day did tie with a 93 but no wins all losses across the board.

And these are just the days we puny humans have bothered to calculate someone tell me the temperature on May 20, 1159.

Check it out