Friday, May 19, 2006

Feud for thought: why Al would love to beat Hillary for that nomination - Times Online

Interesting article from the London Times. I hadn't heard the angle about Gore despising Hilary before. Maybe I'm just out of the loop. But the point about Bill's indiscretion robbing Gore of the 2000 election (among other causes, to be sure), is something I've firmly believed for 6 years now. I can't imagine that he wouldn't have carried Florida, or possible a couple of other Southern states decisively, if not for the whole Lewinsky mess.

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the SIL said...

uuummmm... Gore DID carry Florida, remember???

Storm said...

Actually and this is going to surprise you, he should have but it would have required a couple of things
1) Take a stand on ole Billy and distance himself pulling something close to integrity to him
2) install human parts instead of robot
3) stop claiming to have created the internet