Thursday, May 04, 2006

Postal Service seeks price increase, 'forever stamp'

Forever stamp, never stamp, sometimes stamp, who cares? Who the fuck uses stamps anymore? I never mail anything anymore. I suppose there are some things that you have to mail, like Christmas cards and invitations. But for everyday things like bills and stuff, I don't know why anyone would still do them through the mail.

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Chris Howard said...

The next time I have to buy any, I'll pick up some of these. I only have two bills that I can't pay online, so I do need to use a couple of stamps a month.

John Howard said...

Why can't you pay them online? I pay all my bills online. Through my bank, if they don't have a relationship with my bank, they get a check. Otherwise, they get an electronic transaction. I can pay anyone this way. Very convenient.

Chris Howard said...

Oh, I guess I could do NFCU's bill pay thing, but you have to sign up. It is free, but it costs $5 a month if you don't actually pay any bills during the month. Kind of weird. I pay all my other bills directly on their own websites. These two don't let you do that.