Monday, May 29, 2006

War on Memorial Day?

It must be hard going through life always looking for something to be pissed off about. But, it must be even harder to be that way and also be too stupid to recognize all the things in the world that are available to be legitimately pissed off about, and instead to settle on the fact that a search engine doesn't have a special logo to commemorate a holiday that you feel should be commemorated.

First, perhaps Google would rather focus on holidays that don't already get a lot of attention. Second, perhaps they didn't think that making a cute little picture out of their logo was an appropriate or respectful way to honor dead soldiers. Third, if you don't like the holidays Google recognizes, maybe you could let Google know why, rather than bitch about it on some discussion board. Finally, shut the fuck up, already! I've heard enough about how all the holidays that these idiots like are under attack. It just isn't true. You seriously have to be a complete moron to buy into this nonesense.

Sorry for linking to this site full of crazies, but I just thought this was too nutty to pass up.

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Robert Bayn said...

Of all the things to be pissed off about, a picture is what pisses these people off? I wonder if they are pissed at yahoo too?

Storm said...

Some occasions are so solemn there really is no cute graphic to set to the event. Perhaps a simple outline of the soldiers raising the flag at Iowa Jima or a soldier saluting.

But seriously I wish these folks got as riled about Supreme Court Decisions that expand the emminent domain clause to its logical stupidity or perhaps the fact our Congress can not agree on Pappa Johns or Pizza Hut.

John Howard said...

When clearly, the correct choice is Papa John's.