Saturday, December 11, 2004

America's Most Wanted

So, I'm watching America's Most Wanted and noticing that the person they got to do a particular reenactment doesn't seem to me to look much like the perp (yes, I said perp, shut up, I saw it on NYPD Blue), which led me to wonder if they ever get tips called in that actually turn out to be sightings of the people from the reenactments.

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Miranda said...

I saw an episode of that show once where they actually had a woman turn her husband in. After seeing his picture on the show, apparantly he killed his wife, made it look like an accident, got the insurance and moved to Hawaii. She saw this show quite a few years later, ironically not long after he increased the life insurance....coincidence?

Btw....I think its neat that you live so close to Disney world. I've never been there, but have been many times to Disney land...which is also far for me

John Howard said...

That would be strange to see someone you know on America's Most Wanted. Especially your spouse.

Yeah, we like DisneyWorld, it's a good vacation, not so expensive when you live nearby and have a FL resident annual pass. I've never been to DisneyLand (or to California at all, actually), but I've heard it's smaller and not as good.