Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Please make it stop

Ok, I really like to read, and if I read a book I really like, I will often recommend it to friends. What I don't do is eagerly await news of what a title for my favorite author's next book may be or when he may finish it. I also don't tell people they should read the books I like, then get offended if they don't want to, or if they say they already have and didn't like it. All you Potter-maniacs out there, I'm glad you've found books that you enjoy, but just leave me out if it. I tried to read the first book and I didn't like it, I saw the movie and I didn't like it, nothing personal. Now just leave me alone.

Oh, and there are many, many, many good books in the world, besides Harry Potter, maybe some of you should broaden your horizons a bit, you may find that there are other books that you enjoy reading just as much or (gasp!) even more. Anyway, just make the Harry Potter Hype Machine go away, please!

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Fixer said...

Amen, though I like Harry Pothead. It's like art, I know what I like.

John Howard said...

Yeah, exactly. I don't mind if other people like it, but I just wish they'd stop telling me I'd like it too, if only...whatever.