Sunday, December 19, 2004

Suck, suck, suck...all they do is suck

So I didn't expect the Cowboys to have any shot against the Eagles on the road especially the way they got manhandled in Dallas (you may not remember that game as it was quickly ignored in favor of talking about the pre-game intro on MNF with TO and Nicollete Sheridan), but when they lead the whole game and knock Owens out, I thought they may have a shot. Of course, when thr game is on the line, the defense which played well all day suddenly softens up and lets the Eagles drive right down the field for the game winning TD. Oh and Vinny - he gives us the best chance to win - Testaverde threw yet another late pick as the Cowboys had some time left to try and win the game.

And of course to make it worse, I had McNabb and TO on my fantasy team in the playoffs. I was expecting big points based on the last meeting, but of course, despite getting the win, McNabb and Owens combined for crap fantasy-wise.

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Shakespeare's Sister said...

You had me right the first time as Shakespeare's Sister. :-)

BTW - I meant to comment earlier on your Firefox post, but I'll just stick it here, because I'm lazy...I like your tech posts. I'm so only vaguely clinging onto functionality these days, and I kept hearing about Firefox and how I should get it, but after reading your review, I think I'll pass. It sounds beyond me, truly. It was all I could do to add a links list to my blog template! So anyway - that was cool. I dig the tech reviews.

John Howard said...

I didn't realize it had changed your title. I changed my links to use blogrolling instead of adding them by hand everytime. I'll change yours back.

You might want to give Firefox try, I seem to be in the minority on that one. I'm pretty technical and I like to read all the tech news, but I usually don't have much to say about that stuff.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

I don't think I'll bother w/ Firefox. I tend to be in the minority on these things, too, and your review was so exactly the type of stuff I want to know about something like that. And I could never be arsed to customize it as much as you did.

Have you heard of SkyPE? It's this great little program that we just started using. One of the best messenger/calling services yet. You might have no use for it, but it's handy for us with friends & family in Britain.

John Howard said...

I think I just recently read an articel about it. I don't remember he specifics, but the point of the article was that skype had the potential to get turned into a verb like Google.