Friday, December 17, 2004

Blogging Stuff

I'm still pretty new to this blogging thing, but I've been reading a lot of them lately, and it's pretty interesting to me. That said, I notice how most people do a lot of quoting and linking and crediting other blogs and source in their posts, and I always mean to do that stuff myself, but I'm just too lazy I guess. I usually just post using the BlogThis button on my Google Toolbar (if you're not using the Google Toolbar, you really should start, by the way), so if I get something linked to the title, I'm usually doing good, so I usually don't do a lot of quoting and stuff, I just share my own thoughts. Which is not to say my thoughts are not shaped and inspired by other things I read, which is why I wanted to point out that sites I like to visit and other blogs I read and comment on are listed over there on the sidebar. So until I stop being lazy and post links and all that crap in my posts, you can look over there for things that interest me.

I've also been using the Next Blog button a lot which is addictive and leads to some interesting things (where I found most of the blogs listed on here). One of which is the discovery (from my own random surfing anyway) that apparently blogs about knitting are very popular. Not up there with political blogs or teens blogs about how much they hate school or whatever, but I see an awful lot of knitting blogs which makes me wonder if a disproportionate number of knitters are also bloggers, or are there just a lot more knitters out there than I realized?

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Tara said...

Ha! I loved your observation on the knit blogs. My sister is a knitter and I sent her a link to one of the knitting blogs because I unusual. but then I keep hitting "next blog" and, yes, other than high school kids lamenting break-ups and self-appointed pundits, knitters come in a close 3rd.

Russ said...

I too have found that "next blog" button addictive. I do limit myself to a few selective blogs regularly and I tune in to yours for the occaisional political commentary.

Keep it rockin' JRH!