Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Cowboys don't suck quite as bad, but it's not for lack of trying

So things are looking up for the Cowboys with Julius Jones running the ball so well. They got out to a 15 point lead late and with the running game so well, it should have been easy to hold. Unfortunately, Vinny (who apparently gives them the best chance to win) is a freaking idiot and throws two late interceptions that really turn the game around, letting Seattle not just close the 15 point gap, but actually take a 10 point lead. Luckily, Keyshawn was able to make a great catch on Vinny's desperation pass to get them a chance, then Whitten was able to recover the onsides kick and thankfully, the Seattle D was too shocked when Vinny threw it right to them on the game winning drive to actually catch it, which gave Julius Jones the chance to seal the game with his third TD.

Two things I see it this game. First, stop telling me Vinny is good, because he sucks, and anything good he does is offset by his stupid late interceptions. Second, Julius Jones looks great. Things may have been different if he had been in there all season. Oh, and the Quincy Morgan for Antonio Bryant trade was just as stupid as I thought it was at the time.

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